Our History

“What started as a small sales agency consulting in real estate and property development is now a leading real estate development firm in Cambodia. And from Twin Villa to the Premium Shop House to all that comes next, our clients are at the center of what we do.”

We are individual investors who invested in property.
We were a sales agency (BEYON Realty) consulting in real estate to property development. We created our first dream property too.
We developed up to 89 residential flats with a total cost 6 million USD. This brought our customers maximum satisfaction and earned our investors’ trust.
We built a unique shop house (Star Heritage Resident) with 4 units. This totalled up to 1 million USD.
We are an independent developer with a healthy cash flow and the capacity to develop projects worth $5 million.

Bussiness Model

Key Partners

  1. Navuth Architecture.
  2. MAXS Design.
  3. Compa Construction

Key Activities

Building single-family homes, multi-family developments, and mixed-use developments that include residential living units- from engineering and construction to property sale.

Key Resources

  • Supercharger network
  • Care performance data

Value Proposition

  1. Modern Shop House with high-end technology and a new concept of architectural designs to fit modern-day standards
  2. Tech at every level
  3. 24/7, on-demand services
  4. Close sales faster than the average market time

Customer Relationships

Our sales and customer service team are always available to handle returns and your frequently asked questions. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Customer Segments

  • Young couples
  • Startups
  • Home seekers in search of affordable residential properties
  • NB fans, dealers, and distributors.

Revenue Streams

  1. Forecasted $4 million from Phnom Penh’s residential homes
  2. Expecting $1.5 million in revenue from Resort Project

Cost Structure

  • Main cost on land purchase and development
  • Strong Financial Fund: NB